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Model: 3y92vw7w
Keep It 100 Milk Birthday Shake 100ml Vape JuiceBirthday Shake: Moist and warm vanilla cake mixed with sweet ice cream and blended with milk to create the ultimate E-Juice treat. Birthday Shake by Keep It 100 is a delicious addition to any vaper's collection. Get yours today. Flavor Profile: Vanilla..
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Model: 6c628m0w
Lips & Drips Cupcake Kisses 60ml Vape JuiceCupcake Kisses: Fluffy vanilla cupcakes with a generous spread of real strawberry frosting and rainbow sprinkles. This dessert-flavored e-juice is delectably sweet and features a light undertone of fresh strawberry. Sugary, sweet, and mouth-watering. Flavor..
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Model: dxzws8jw
Melon MilkShake: Fresh melon ice cream mixed with sweet milk and sticky honey for a mouth-watering milkshake flavor. Melon MilkShake Loaded by Ruthless is a smooth all-day vape perfect for treating yourself. Refreshing, fruity, and delicious. Flavor Profile: Melon Ice Cream, Sweet Milk, HoneyVG/PG: ..
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Model: v2ts1u2u
The One Vanilla Custard Donut 100ml Vape JuiceVanilla Custard Donut: Vanilla custard-infused donuts sprinkled with bits of cinnamon sugar. Vanilla Custard Donut is a dessert-flavored e-juice that is blends smooth and sweet vanilla custard with classic donut taste. This flavor is decadent, sweet, and..
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Model: urikqvrb
Vapetasia Blueberry Parfait 60ml Vape JuiceBlueberry Parfait: Enjoy the creamy taste of yogurt mixed with sweet fresh blueberries and a kick of granola. The sweet and creamy balance deliciously. This tasty mix will leave your taste buds tingling. Blueberry Parfait by Vapetasia.Flavor Profile: Yogurt..
Ex Tax:$10.95
Model: rc52dcqi
Vapetasia Killer Custard Blueberry 60ml Vape JuiceKiller Custard Blueberry: Treat yourself to creamy custard mixed with sweet blueberries. It's mixed to a delightful perfection. We're sure this flavor will quickly become one of your favorites. Killer Custard Blueberry by Vapetasia.  Flavor Profile: ..
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Model: kat7q4pp
Vapetasia Strawberry Parfait 60ml Vape JuiceStrawberry Parfait: Enjoy the creamy taste of yogurt mixed with sweet highland strawberries and a kick of granola. The sweet and creamy create a delicious balance. This tasty mix will leave your taste buds tingling. Strawberry Parfait by Vapetasia.Flavor P..
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